S   E  A   L   E   D    U   N   I   T   S

About Insulated glass units: 

We manufacture sealed units to go with your windows and doors that come with great features. As we manufacture glass units in house, we are able provide Double Glazed or triple glazed at a cheaper price with a variety of features. The diagram below demonstrates a typical double glazed unit:

Spacer Bar

Used to create the airspace between the two panes of glass and hold the molecular sieve (desiccant), spacer bar also helps to maintain a unit's structural integrity. It is available in a range of widths and lengths.

Small perforated lines run down the centre of spacer bar around its inner surface. Breather holes allow the passage of gas into the spacer bar where desiccant is held.

Several finishes are available including: Aluminium, warm edge and steel profiles in many colours. Warm edge bar offers a more thermally efficient solution.



Inside the spacer bar, thousands of beads of desiccant are held. The sole function of the desiccant or molecular sieve is to absorb any moisture in the airspace and keep the moisture from condensing on the inside surfaces of the glass.


Secondary Sealants

An edge sealant bonds to the spacer bar and the glass to seal the edge of the unit to prevent moisture ingress. It also provides protection from gases passing into and out of its internal unit construction. Options include: Hotmelt, Polyurethane, Polysulphide and silicone. This is critical to the integrity of the sealed unit.

Glass Combinations


From the diagram above, you can specify the all three sections (type of glass facing outside, spacer thickness, glass facing inside house). Below are some of the glass combinations you can have in your sealed unit, (where possible can also be toughened) allowing you to utilise some of the glass specific features described:



High performance soft-coat low-emissivity glass, which can be used in insulated sealed units.

The sun's heat and light pass through the glass into the building. At the same time it reflects heat into the room. Windows glazed using Low - Emissivity glass significantly helps in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Toughened Low-E available is also available.

Softcoat Low-E Glass

Planitherm Brochure


Condensation Technical Datasheet


Clarity Poster


Sound proofing glass

This is a laminated insulating glass whose acoustic performance has been reinforced. It comprises two sheets of glass assembled using two or more plastic interlayers made of improved polyvinylbutral (PVB), which boasts excellent acoustic characteristics. It can be used both monolithic or in a double glazed construction.

  1. Used either monolithic or in a double glazed construction
  2. Well suited for use on facades of buildings exposed to high levels of noise
  3. Used as roof glazing


Firerated (sold as single glass)

Pyrodur is a multi-laminated glass assembled with clear intumescent interlayers. In case of fire, these interlayers expand at around and transform into a rigid and opaque shield.


  • A clear, multi-laminated fire-resistant glass (up to a certain time during fire)
  • Forms an opaque barrier against flames and hot gases, moreover it reduces the transfer of radiant heat significantly.
  • An integrity only glass with some insulation performance and impact safety.

Obscure glass

Our Pilkington Texture (Patterned) Glass range offers privacy and style. The PDF document below contains the various styles available. Toughened versions of obscure glass also available.

obscure glass.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [615.7 KB]